Electronic Cigarette

Neon- Smoke Free!

Neon electronic cigarettes are one of the most popular brands in the UK today.

With no ash, no smoke, no unpleasant smell, and no yellow teeth, you will quickly forget about traditional cigarettes. The neon electronic cigarette starter kit will help you reinvent the pleasure of smoking anywhere.

Why Choose The Neon Electronic Cigarette?

Neon e cig is the perfect alternative to traditional cigarettes - 75% less expensive and without the drawbacks of a normal cigarette. Convenient and easy to use, neon electronic cigarette gives you the opportunity of enjoying full hearty flavours on the go. Everything you need is in a compact portable package – the Neon Carry-Pak!

An electronic cigarette consists of a battery and a cartridge with a built in atomizer.  E cigarette cartridges are available in a large choice of flavours and strengths.

How Do Neon E Cigarettes Work?

Neon Tip
Neon-blue LED lights up with each puff and will signal when it needs to be recharged.
Rechargeable Battery
Extra-long lasting lithium-ion battery for the best smoking experience.
Built in Atomizer
Built into the cartridge, Neon atomizer produces maximum vapour and easy draw.
Flavor Cartridge
Neon e cig cartridges are available in a range of exciting flavours.
Silicone tip
Silicone tip to maximize the draw and resistance for cigarette feel.

Neon electronic cigarette starter kit – choose the style that fits you best: Premium Plus, Premium and NeonSlim.

Each electronic cigarette starter kit is made to the highest standards bringing inovative new products to the e cig market.

Electronic Cigarette Starter Kits by Neon

We believe style and functionality should be accessible to everyone.

Our starter kits combine high quality lithium-ion batteries with long lasting, great tasting e cigarette cartridges to provide complete solutions for e cigarette lovers.

Our Premium Plus Starter Kit was voted best in its class for its unique battery powered portable Carry-Pak which uses intelligent technology to ensure your e cigarette battery is always at the optimum power level. All of our Starter Kits guarantee a superior user experience.

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E Cig Flavour Cartridges


Fine cut tobacco, sweet vanilla essence, smooth cherry or refreshing menthol matrix – these are some of the flavours to try.

Each one of the neon e cigarette cartridges is equivalent to approximately 20 cigarettes. So with a single 5 pack loaded into your Carry-Pak you have the equivalent of 100 cigarettes in your pocket.